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Eileen’s Boutique LLC – Nanys.us

Our Company Eileens Boutique LLC is a Colombian American Company, registered in the state of Maryland since 2017. The company has one of its subsidiaries under the NANYS brand through the Carmona family.

We are a company inspired by Colombian Talent, where it is constantly exported through Athletes, Artists, Artisans and products that place Colombia in one of the best places such as the best coffee in the world and of course, the Textile product.

We love being part of entrepreneurship and the independence of women, for this reason we open our network of wholesale entrepreneurs. Who in turn receive a variety of Benefits and a wide support material, where an immense variety of new models in products is shown every week.

We have a technological and logistical work team to close orders in record time and move the merchandise to any state in the USA.

Motivated and Thinking of Latin and American women, we import the Best Colombian Push Up Jeans Brands, taking into account the production process, product quality and originality in their supplies. We also give importance to each applique or embroidery that is made on each Jean.

Our portfolio of brands is always based on the contemporary Classic woman, but we always give priority to innovation and modernism. Always attentive to designers, manufacturers and changes in trends. We choose in detail the products that will come to our showcase. To always guarantee 100% of the satisfaction of our clients.

But Our greatest focus and concern is and always will be. Fast, efficient attention.

In Our Online Store https://nanys.us/ You can make your purchases, or simply connect with an advisor according to your profile and need.
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Since 2017

We are a reliable company registered since 2017

Fair prices

We stand out for having fair prices and excellent quality products.

Shipping to all states

We work to arrive on time to all the states of the USA

We help to undertake

Our job is always to help Latin and American women to be independent and enterprising

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